Minami AgriSystem LLC,

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Hello. I am Kazutaka Minami, the representative of the Minami AgriSystem. Our farm is located in Sobetsu town on the southeastern shore of Lake Toya, where there are many attractions such as Mt. Usu and Showa Shinzan in addition to hot springs. The farm is on the plateau, a bit away from the lake. The Minami family has been farming here since my grandfather's generation, and I am the third generation.
In 2002, in order to implement "incorporated environmental conservation sustainable farming," we expanded the size of the farms. Currently, in addition to field cultivation, we are also working on the greenhouse horticulture of vegetables and flowers as well as breeding Japanese beef. We sell many of our farm crops directly to customers, so they are delighted with "vegetables where they can see the producer's face." From the interaction with our customers, we believe that farm produce ought to be safe and trusted besides being delicious, and we practice agriculture while valuing the soil creation that is the foundation of agriculture. Furthermore, with the aim of contributing to regional revitalization and responding to market needs, we are making preparations not only to produce farm crops but also to expand our business into the processing and selling of food products.

Kazutaka Minami, CEO of Minami AgriSystem LLC

Born in 1966, Kazutaka Minami graduated from Takushoku University Hokkaido College and started working at his parents' farm in 1986. In 2000, he succeeded his father in the management of the business. He is the current chairman of the Agricultural Committee of Sobetsu Town. Since 2014 he has been the chairman of the Iburi Regional Agricultural Committee Federation, and a board member and standing review committee member of the Hokkaido Agricultural Council. In February 2016, he became Chairman of the Hokkaido Agricultural Corporation Association. In addition, he also plays a role in regional development as the chairman of the Sobetsu Town Comprehensive Strategy Promotion Council.

Company Philosophy

Based on safe and trustworthy agriculture and food, we will re-discover the value of people and the environment of our region, and continue to create the most suitable industries.
With common aspirations, we respect each other, continue to grow together, conduct environmentally-friendly activities, and secure rich and wonderful nature for our children.

Company Overview

Company Name
Minami AgriSystem LLC, Agricultural Production Corporation
124-3, Kounai, Sobetsu-cho, Usu-gun, Hokkaido
Contact Info
TEL: 0142-82-4103 FAX: 0142-82-4104
Sales Manager
Kazutaka Minami
February 19, 2002 (Established in 1941)
2 million yen
Amount of Sales
150 million yen
Number of employee
Description of Busines
  1. Upland cropping Department: 115 ha
  2. Facility Department
    • High sugar content tomatoes: 1600 Tsubos (5289.25 ㎡)
    • Flowering plant: 120 Tsubos (396.69 ㎡)
  3. Livestock Department
    • Breeding of Japanese black beef cattle
      (23 breeding cow, 20 ha of the meadow)
  4. Processing Department
    • Primary processing of onions
    • Minced meat cutlet and croquette processing
    • Tomato juice processing
※as of March 2020

Company History

1942 Kazuo Minami established a branch family and started farming on 8 ha land.
Produced beans, flax and rice.
1963 Koichi, the second generation, inherited the management of the farm.
1985 Started potato production.
1986 Kazutaka, the third generation and the current CEO, started farming.
1993 Started direct sales to consumers.
1998 Started expanding the size of the farm.
2000 Kazutaka inherited the management of the farm.
2002 Incorporated management and established Minami AgriSystem LLC.
Received special cultivation certification.
Awarded the 2001 Excellent Certified Farmer Award from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Management Bureau Director.
2006 Started selling high sugar content tomatoes.
2007 Started recruiting Farm Members.
2009 Began onion production.
2014 Kazutaka's son, Hiroki, joined the company.
Began contract cultivation of broccoli.
Started a contract processing business of minced meat cutlets and croquettes using its own potatoes and onions.
2017 Began production of specially grown wheat.
Rina, the eldest daughter of Kazutaka, joined the company.
2018 Started commissioned business of tomato juice processing.
2019 Received the HAL Agriculture Award for Excellence.
2020 Established Sobetsu Agri-Foods Co., Ltd. Started processing and manufacturing onion products.
Started an onion contractor business.